How To Apply Thermal Paste (Steps)

You must have heard about thermal paste if you have checked your CPU internally. Thermal paste is also known as thermal grease, thermal gel, heat paste, CPU paste, thermal interface material (TIM), and many more. It plays a vital role in the efficient operation and performance of a CPU. In this article, we will help you with the steps on how to apply Thermal Paste and how it works.

How To Apply Thermal Paste (Steps)

Check out all the below points thoroughly before initiating the installation process, it will help you to plan accordingly.

  • Read all the instructions before initiating: Before starting the process read the instructions of thermal paste and CPU cooler thoroughly. Every brand has different processes or pre-requisites, it’s better to know all.
  • On the center of CPU IHS, apply the thermal paste: If you have pre-applied thermal paste in your CPU cooler, go ahead with Step 3. If not, you need to apply pea size thermal paste at the center of the heat spreader.
  • Installation of CPU cooler: Apply light pressure to place the cooler base plate on the CPU and while attaching the cooler on the mounting hold the pressure. You have to apply enough force to keep stopping the cooler from sliding and to distribute the thermal paste evenly.
  • Make sure, you don’t apply high force, it can damage the motherboard of the CPU. Hold the cooler in place while screwing the screws to the motherboard and cooler. Slowly tighten all the screws one by one to manage the pressure.
  • Re-check: Check again if the water block or base-plate of the CPU is attached properly or not. There should not be any thermal paste all over the edges or on the motherboard. If there is, then you have to clean everything using isopropyl alcohol and should repeat the same process from the beginning. And if everything is right in place, and while touching the cooler doesn’t move from its place. Everything is on the point then Congratulations!! you have done a great job.

Few things to keep in mind while applying paste

We all know that most of the processor needs a thermal solution to enhance the performance but installing a CPU cooler in a PC is quite challenging.

Make sure that your CPU doesn’t have any old thermal paste, it should be clean. If there is any old thermal paste remove it from the CPU. Use Isopropyl alcohol and a fiber cloth or paper towel. Let it dry to continue the process.

Make sure that the rest of the CPU cooler is ready to install and then apply the thermal paste. You can take help of help-guide to ensure that all steps of applying thermal paste and installing of CPU cooler are done.