The deference between LiveCD and Install

When you try to download certain operation system for you server Linux you may find two available downloads the Install and LiveCD..

Install type: Is the ISO file where you burn it on a CD or Dvd to setup brand new OS on your computer hard desk. Usually you will be promoted to set date and time and configure it on the partition of your server hard desk.

LiveCD type: Is the ISO file you download and burn it to the DVD and use it to load the OS from the DVD drive itself, no setup is needed. No files are added to the HDD as the OS is loaded from the DVD disk itself.

You should know what type you plan to use first before downloading the OS.

How to Create a CentOS-Based Live CD

As a storage manager, you can create a bootable CentOS-based Live CD. CentOS Live CD is an in-memory computing environment based on CentOS. The purpose of this Live CD is to provide users the capability to experience the CentOS functionality without installing CentOS. The Live CD runs in memory without impacting the hard disk. The changes that you make in the Live CD runtime environment are lost after you restart the machine.

This Live CD includes all your system settings and operating system files and can be used to perform the following functions:

  • You can use Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) without actually installing the product. This allows you to experience and evaluate the product without installing it or making any changes to the existing hard drive of your computer.
  • You can perform a Bare Metal Recovery (BMR). You can use this Live CD to get the IP address of the target machine (which is required during the BMR).

When to use the CentOS-based Live CD:

When the default Live CD cannot identify storage device and network device because of the lack of the device driver.

Note: The recovery points that you want to restore does not include the device drivers for the storage system of the target BMR machine. As a result, Arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) will block any attempt to perform a BMR job at an early stage.

The bin folder contains the scripts that you can run from the command line to create a bootable Live CD. The bin folder is located in the following path:

# /opt/Arcserve/d2dserver/bin

The following diagram displays the process to create a CentOS-based Live CD:

Perform the following tasks to create a CentOS-based Live CD:

  • Review the Live CD Prerequisites and Considerations
  • Install the Restore-Utility Package
  • Create and Verify the CentOS-based Live CD