Windows XP Internet Connection Setup

If you are experiencing issues and want to verify your Windows XP Internet Connection settings, please review the following steps.. Depending on your user access, you may be prompted to log in as the Administrator.

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Network and Internet Connections
  4. Click Network Connections
  5. Double-click Local Area Connection
  6. Click Properties
  7. Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  8. Click Properties
  9. Under the General tab ensure the following are selected:
    • Obtain an IP address automatically
    • Obtain DNS server address automatically
  10. Under the Alternate Configuration tab
    • Ensure that the Automatic private IP address option is checked
  11. Click the Advanced button
  12. Under the IP Settings tab ensure the following:
    • That these options are listed: IP addresses and DHCP Enabled
    • That nothing is listed under the Default gateways option
    • That the Automatic metric option is checked
  13. From the DNS tab, verify the following:
    • That the Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes option is selected
    • That the Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix option is checked
    • That the Register this connection’s addresses in DNS option is checked
    • That the Append these DNS suffixes (in order) option is NOT selected
  14. From the WINS tab, verify the following:
    • Verify that the WINS addresses box is empty
    • Verify that the Enable LMHOSTS lookup option is checked
    • Verify that the Default: Use NetBIOS setting from the DHCP server option is selected
  15. Close any open windows by clicking OK
  16. Once all windows are closed you will be prompted to restart your computer
  17. Once restarted, your changes should take effect
  18. If not, go back to Local Area Connection, right-click and select Enable

Your Windows XP Internet Connections setting are setup correctly to work with Zoom Internet. If you are still experiencing issues, contact us. We’re here to help!