Precisely Remove Red eye In Photoshop

Red eye is a common issue that occurs when your photo subject’s retina is illuminated by your camera’s flash. You’ll see it more often when taking pictures in a darkened room because the subject’s iris is wide open. To avoid red eye, use the camera’s red-eye reduction feature, if available.


To automatically fix red eye when you import photos into the Elements Organizer, select Automatically Fix Red Eyes in the Get Photos dialog box. You can also remove red eye from selected photos in the Photo Browser.

  1. To manually fix red eye, select the Eye tool  in Quick or Expert mode. 
  2. In the Tool Options bar, set the Pupil Radius and Darken Amount.
  3. In the image, do one of the following:
    • Click a red area of an eye.
    • Draw a selection over the eye area.

When you release the mouse button, the red is removed from the eyes.


You can also automatically fix red eye by clicking Auto Correct in the Eye tool options bar.

The Eye tool enables you to remove the reddish glow in the eyes, due to reflection of light (resulting from low ambient light or the use of a flash). For animals, the eyes glow white, green, red, or yellow, and the often-used red-eye removal tools may not fix the effect correctly.

To fix the Pet Eye effect:

  1. In the Quick or Expert mode, select the Eye Tool.
  2. In the Tool Options bar, select the Pet Eye check box.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Draw a rectangle around the eye region.
    • Click on the eye in the picture.


When you select the Pet Eye check box, the Auto Correct button is disabled.