Move And Reposition Objects In Photoshop

The Content-Aware Move tool allows you to select an object in your photograph and move the selection to a different location, or extend it. The original photograph (left); the kite has been positioned closer to the ground (middle); the kite has been moved higher into the sky (right).

  1. Select the Content-Aware Move tool.
  2. Choose a mode to specify whether you want to move an object or create a copy of the object.
    • Move Enables you to move objects to a different location in the image.
    • Extend Enables you to replicate the object multiple times.
  3. Choose the type of selection you want to make:
    • New Drag your mouse around the object you want to move, or extend to create a new selection.
    • Add Any selection you make adds to the previous selection.
    • Subtract When you make a new selection over an existing selection, the overlapping portion is removed from the resulting selection.
    • Intersect When you make a new selection over an existing selection, only the common area overlapping the new and old selection continues to be selected.
  4. Drag the mouse pointer over the image, select the object you want to move or extend.
  5. When you have made a selection, move the object to a new location. To do this, click and drag the object to a new location.
  6. Transform your selection at the new location. Click one of the following options:
    1. Rotate Enables you to rotate your selection to a different angle in the image.
    2. Scale Enables you to adjust the size of your selection.
    3. Skew Enables you to change the perspective of your selection in the image.
  7. If the automatically-filled area does not appear correct, select the Sample All Layers check box and adjust the Healing slider.