Crop tool in Photoshop Elements

The Crop tool removes the part of an image surrounding the selection. Crop to remove dis attractive background elements and create a focus on your desired object in the image. When you crop an image, by default, the resolution remains the same as the original image.

1.Select the Crop tool.

2. To select a crop ratio other than that of the original photo, select one of the following options from the drop-down list on the left of the Tool Options panel or specify new custom values in the Width and Height fields in the options bar:

No Restriction: Lets you resize the image to any dimension.

Use Photo Ratio: Displays the original aspect ratio of the photo when you crop. The Width and Height fields show the values that are used for the cropped image. The Resolution field allows you to change the image resolution.

3. Drag over the part of the image you want to keep. When you release the mouse button, the crop marquee appears as a bounding box with handles at the corners and sides.

4. (Optional) Adjust the crop marquee by doing any of the following:

  • To change the aspect ratio, choose values from the drop-down list on the left in the Tool Options panel.
  • To move the marquee to another position, place the pointer inside the bounding box and click-drag, or use the arrow keys to move the marquee.
  • To resize the marquee, drag a handle. When you choose No Restriction from the drop-down list, you can constrain the proportions while scaling by holding down Shift as you drag a corner handle.
  • To swap Width and Height values, click the Swap icon in the options bar.
  • To rotate the marquee, position the pointer outside the bounding box (the pointer turns into a curved arrow), and drag. (You can’t rotate the crop marquee for an image in Bitmap mode.)Note: You can change the color and opacity of the crop shield (the cropped area surrounding the image) by changing the Crop tool preferences. Choose Edit > Preferences > Display & Cursors and specify a new Color and Opacity value in the Crop Tool area of the Preferences dialog box. In case you don’t want to see a colored shield while cropping, deselect Use Shield.

5. Click the green Commit button located in the lower-right corner of the marquee, or double-click the bounding box to finish the cropping. To cancel the cropping operation, click the red Cancel button or press Esc.