How To Solve Blue Screen Error In Windows 7

The wide blue screen with messages of error occur at windows loading and few cases appear within windows. This type of issue involve few things the user made to make it happen.

  1. Hardware change made recently to the computer, like new memory or a PCI card.
  2. Operating system installed using disk clone .img, like disk clone or clonezilla.
  3. Installing the windows on hard driver of PC and use it again in another one.

The above are most cases that can make blue screen error appear to you. And should`t appear if your windows is clean installed in the same hardware specs used in the progress if setup. The thing you should do to fix the error are few below.

  1. Remove any recently added hardware from your computer and if you replaced a part with new one, must put it again.
  2. Make sure the PC is steady in place as many movement can case message appear when browsing in computer.
  3. Do not use a clone img to install your windows and use original files from CD, USB or the hard drive.
  4. If you want to install new part like memory make sure its pass speed same as already installed one.

There is two way to fix this kind of error, first is new windows setup and second to remove any newly added hardware in computer. As the error indicated a hardware failure (false positive) and to fix it windows need to know the correct driver for you hardware and when part is replaced windows may indicate conflict between two drivers or more.